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  • Italian Fabrics - Salty Cheeks Paddle Pants & Paddle Shorts are made from beautiful Italian swimwear fabrics with mid level compression.
  • Recycled Materials - Our fabrics are partly comprised of Ocean Recovered Plastics like discarded bottles, nylon fishing nets and other plastic waste.
  • We Paddle - Your new Salty Cheeks were designed by paddlers just like you. We love the ocean & want others to enjoy paddle sports as much as we do.
  • Rear Pocket - Salty Cheeks patented internal rear pocket has 3 layers of fabric and no internal centre seam for irritation free comfort with or without seat pads or tailbone pads. 
  • Seat Pads - Our patented seat pads are interchangeable between all Salty Cheeks Paddle Pants and Paddle Shorts. They all have a marine grade foam core, are wrapped in 2mm clothed neoprene and come in 3 comfort levels;
    • Sprint 10mm - For shorter session or paddlers who just want a little extra comfort and light support. 
    • Cruise 12mm - For everyday paddling comfort and medium support.
    • Enduro 14mm - For longer sessions or for paddlers who have a high level of discomfort around the Ischial Tuberosity (sit bones).
  • Tailbone Pads - Our patented tailbone pads are made for the Men's Salty Cheeks Paddle Shorts (Tailbone Version). Providing protection to the Coccyx/Tailbone and made from the same materials as Salty Cheeks Seat Pads. Tailbone Pads come in 2 thicknesses; 
    • Sprint 10mm - For everyday paddle session comfort. 
    • Cruise 12mm Soft - For extra comfort and support for longer sessions. 
  • Unrestricted Movement - Salty Cheeks Seat Pads & Tailbone Pads fit snugly within the rear pocket of the pants allowing the paddler to move without restriction. Full leg drive and rotation from upper body through to core and hips is unimpeded as the smooth swimwear outer-layer glides on the seat.


The Padding

Salty Cheeks are modular by design; Seat Pads are interchangeable between all 'Seat Pad Version' Salty Cheeks and Tailbone Pads are interchangeable between all 'Tailbone Pad Version' Salty Cheeks. Being able to change the padding to suit your craft, the session length and the conditions of the day allows you to set yourself up for success, and comfort, on each paddle session. 

The internal core of all seat and tailbone pads is made from marine grade foam designed for water use. It will 'shape' to your individual anatomy over time and develop diverts within a few weeks as the pad conforms to the shape and position of your sit bones or lower back. The comfort level will increase over time as the pad conforms to your individual shape.

How to insert Salty Cheeks seat pads & tailbone pads

The pocket system and padding has been made to allow you to insert and remove the pads with ease but also to hold them firmly in place. This means that you can turn up to a session without the padding inserted and slide it in before you hit the water. You can also take it out after the session or in-between sets/races.

Here is how to insert and remove the padding while wearing your Salty Cheeks.

  1. Put on your Salty Cheeks - Yes, put them on before inserting the padding to stretch out the fabric. Arrive in style, check the conditions and then choose which seat pad is right for the day.
  2. Roll up or fold the seat pad- This makes it easier to insert and position the pad.
  3. Insert the pad - Slide the pad into the pocket at the rear of your Salty Cheeks.
  4. Unroll/unfold - Carefully unroll or unfold the pad so that it fills the rear pocket. Pushing the pad down at this time helps to move it to fill the pocket.
  5. Hit the water!

You can, of course, insert the padding before getting into your Salty Cheeks if you prefer.

To remove the seat pad after your session you can simply pull it out or remove it from the pants/shorts after you get changed. 

Care instructions

Paddle Pants, Capri's & Shorts - Place your Salty Cheeks in the included Wash Bag, throw them in the machine, cold wash, dry in the shade, do not tumble dry, keep away from velcro on caps/gloves/leg leashes etc.

You will find detailed care instructions on the garments and packaging. 

Seat & Tailbone Pads - Rinse in cold water and dry in the shade. Yep, it's that simple! Do not machine wash. Do not dry clean. 

 Patents & Trademarks 

The words "Salty Cheeks" and associated logos are registered trademarks. Salty Cheeks paddle pants, the internal rear pocket and interchangeable seat/tailbone padding are protected under Australian Patent Number 2023200604; unauthorised use or reproduction is strictly prohibited.