Healthy Paddling

The Medical Benefits of Salty Cheeks Seat Pads and Tailbone Pads: Paddle Longer, Paddle Healthier

Paddling is a fantastic sport that brings numerous health benefits, from cardiovascular exercise to stress relief. However, it can also put pressure on specific parts of the body that might lead to discomfort or injury if not properly supported. This is where Salty Cheeks comes into the picture. Designed to make your paddling experience more comfortable and less straining, our patented seat pads and tailbone pads are more than just a comfort accessory—they offer medical-based benefits that can contribute to your overall well-being.

Medical Benefits of Seat Pads

Relieves Pressure on Sit Bones

The "sit bones" (ischial tuberosities) bear much of the weight when sitting on a hard surface. Pressure on these bones for extended periods can lead to discomfort and even chronic pain. Our seat pads are ergonomically designed to disperse this pressure evenly, reducing the risk of soreness, abrasions, bursitis and long-term damage.

Enhances Blood Circulation

Improper seating can lead to poor blood circulation, causing numbness and heightening the risk of blood clots. Our seat pads promote better blood flow to your legs, ensuring you stay active and healthy.

Medical Benefits of Tailbone Pads

Protects the Coccyx

A vulnerable part of your spine, the tailbone or coccyx, can get irritated or injured with prolonged paddling. This is more prevalent amongst male paddlers as they are less flexible at the pelvis and tend to push back into the bucket/seat of their craft. Our tailbone pads offer targeted cushioning to this sensitive area, minimising the risk of bruising or injury.

Better Spinal Alignment

By supporting the tailbone, our pads encourage better posture and spinal alignment, which can prevent or relieve lower back pain.

Choosing Between Seat Padding and Tailbone Padding

Everyone, and every paddle craft, is different so you might find that something which works for one of your team mates may not be the right fit for you. Similarly, if you are changing between paddle crafts you may find that extra padding, in different places, is required. 

The beauty of Salty Cheeks interchangeable padding means that you can customise your padding to get the right level of comfort and alleviate any issues before they become major problems.

For Sit-bone Comfort: Seat Pads

If your primary concern is the general comfort of your sit bones, especially during long paddling sessions, then seat pads are the way to go.

For Coccyx Support: Tailbone Pads

If you have a history of tailbone or lower back issues, or if you find the tailbone area to be particularly sensitive, the tailbone pads offer focused relief and protection.

Why Not Both?

Most paddlers experience one issue or the other as a forward tilted pelvis while using leg drive will pull the glutes back from under the base of the bottom and expose the sit bones but lack of tilt at the pelvis may cause pressure at the coccyx when the paddler drives their heels forward.

If you are unsure what is the right padding for you, your craft and your training regime please reach out to us. We are paddlers who understand what you are going through and we would love to help you. Contact us via our socials or from the contact us page.

In summary, Salty Cheeks seat pads and tailbone pads offer more than just a comfortable paddle session; they offer a healthier, medically safer experience. Say goodbye to post-paddling aches and hello to endless ocean adventures! 🌊